Keep your confidential data safe and protect your business at all cost

Think that your company will never be a victim of cyberattack? Well, think again. Shrugging off the severely alarming threats and disregarding protective measures will be the downfall of your company. Gravity Networks takes proactive means to prevent security problems from ever happening in the first place.

Security threats can come in the form of spyware, ransomware, viruses, worms, and so much more. Gravity Networks’ savvy technicians can effectively pinpoint and repair vulnerabilities. Our solution involves a blend of malware removal and data security approaches, which means that your business’s IT assets are more protected than ever.

Our cybersecurity services consist of:

  • Content-filtering tools that prevent your employees from accessing suspicious websites
  • Powerful firewalls that stop unauthorized accounts from accessing your network
  • Advanced antivirus software that uncovers and removes suspicious files before they affect your systems
  • Comprehensive network evaluations to detect and remove possible vulnerabilities

Stratus IT Group is trusted by Utah’s finest firms

We have been using Stratus IT Group as a turnkey IT service provider for our small company. They provide a critical service for us, as we don’t have an in-house IT person. Stratus has done an outstanding job, proactively making sure all our data is backed up and have upgraded a large portion of our ...Read More

Jim Steppan
Branch Manager


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