Cloud Solutions

Centralize your IT infrastructure and reduce operating expenses

The moment you lose your precious data without any established recovery procedure, you will be struggling to keep your business running. Aside from finding a way to restore your data just to resume business operations, you’ll also have to inform clients whose data you lost or risk paying a hefty fine for violating compliance regulations. And this is exactly why cloud backup is crucial for modern day businesses like yours.

Gravity Networks’ cloud solutions don’t only save your data on a secondary hard drive; they also save your company from possible bankruptcy caused by lost data. We back up your files to a safe data center so your company can withstand ransomware attacks, server failures, and natural disasters.

Our cloud solutions are:

  • Executed regularly, so you can immediately recover your data
  • Entirely controlled by expert specialists
  • Stored in completely protected cloud-based servers
  • Encrypted from malware attacks and hackers

Stratus IT Group is trusted by Utah’s finest firms

We have been using Stratus IT Group as a turnkey IT service provider for our small company. They provide a critical service for us, as we don’t have an in-house IT person. Stratus has done an outstanding job, proactively making sure all our data is backed up and have upgraded a large portion of our ...Read More

Jim Steppan
Branch Manager

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