Downtime Risks to Watch for in 2019

There’s a lot to be cognizant of when running a small- or medium-sized business. The word “downtime” is thrown about a lot as something you should be aware of, but preventing it is key to your organization’s health – financially, productivity-wise and more.

Add hours to your day with these hacks

There are only so many hours in a workday, so making the most of your time is vital. If distracting websites, unorganized files, and cluttered inboxes prevent you from getting work done, consider these tips to better manage your time and stay productive at work. Monitor productivity levels Start by tracking how much work you […]

Ugly websites cost your business big bucks

According to a recent survey of 1,800 consumers, 42% said they’re “very unlikely” to buy from unprofessional or ugly websites. If you’re wondering whether or not your site could fall into that category, check out these key indicators. A variety of professional photos From pictures of your products to team photos, high-quality images are arguably […]

Why you should back up your mobile devices

Almost every modern mobile device allows you to send and receive emails, download and upload media files, store data, and even close business deals. As mobile devices have become indispensable in everyone’s personal and professional life, the security risks have also increased — and backing them up has become more critical than ever. Malware on […]

Why a technology business review is vital

Identifying opportunities in all areas of business is vital for growth, but one area that’s often overlooked is technology. Although it’s easy to adopt an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude with IT, conducting regular technology business reviews is a must. What is a technology business review? A technology business review reveals the […]

Why Year-End is a Great Time to Upgrade Your Technology

It’s that time of year again: temperatures are dropping, Q4 is ending, the holidays are approaching and technology needs upgrading. It’s also the time of year to start planning for or investing in next year’s information technology upgrades.

Whether it’s moving to the cloud, getting ahead of the curve on replacing your Microsoft products that are close to end-of-life, upgrading workstations or otherwise investing in your business’ IT, there are a number of reasons you should start getting ready for 2019 right now.

Your Loyalty to Your IT Provider May Not Be in Your Favor

Research has shown the importance of being available for your existing and potential clients. A McKinsey study found that 70 percent of purchasing decisions are based on how the client feels they’ve been treated. Further, a customer is four times more likely to switch to a competitor if they experience customer service problems than they are to switch because of price- or product-related issues.

Is CRM software essential to your business?

The right technology investment can lead to business success. With customer relationship management (CRM) software at the helm of your sales and marketing efforts, you can nurture long-lasting business relationships and improve your bottom line. If you need more convincing, we’ve compiled five more reasons why your business needs CRM. Grows with your business The […]

Forget these disaster recovery myths

Disaster recovery (DR) isn’t what it used to be. Long gone are the days when a DR solution cost over a hundred thousand dollars and relied predominantly on tape backups. Cloud computing has dramatically changed the DR landscape. Unfortunately, there are still many misconceptions about DR. Here are a few of the myths that no […]